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Commonwealth Paranormal is a team of experienced and dedicated paranormal investigators who use various types of equipment and scientific methods to document paranormal activity at alleged haunted locations. We will determine if a haunting is actually occurring and, if so, the type of haunting.


We are a member of:

*The GAC (Ghost Adventures Crew) Family (as seen on the Travel Channel)* *The National Coalition of Ghost Hunters*

*The Anomaly Response Network*


We have been featured in countless newspapers  as well as in the TV Special Haunted Van Lear. We've also been featured in American Profile Magazine. We were nominated for the "Best National Paranormal  Group"   award, and our founder,  Certifed Ghost Hunter Joe Clark, was nominated for the "Best National Paranormal Investigator" award.  Joe was also named one of the Top 20 Paranormal Investigators in the world by the  worlds largest paranormal media outlet,  the Para-X Media Network.










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