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Paranormal Team Directory

Disclaimer:  Commonwealth Paranormal lists these teams only as a service. We  neither assume or accept any responsibility for these teams or their actions.  As with anything else, we encourage you to do your own research on a team before allowing them into your home or business.


Group name: Bluegrass Ghost Hunters
Location: Lexington, KY
Contact person: Beth Lawson - 606-524-5729
Facebook: Bluegrass Ghost Hunters
Twitter: @Bluegrass_Ghost
Instagram: @bluegrassghosthunters
Founded: 2020

Certified Ghost Hunter / Paranormal Investigator Joe Clark 
Location : City / County / State:  Morehead / Rowan /  Kentucky
Phone Number: Private
Alternate Email address: and
Facebook Page
Facebook Page:
Twitter: and
Instagram: Commonwealth Paranormal and JoeClarkCGH
Other social media: We are also on TikTok and YouTube
Year founded / Number of years spent investigating: Group founded in 2008. Have been investigating since 1993
Areas served: Northeastern Kentucky
Other Details:  Joe Clark is the founder of Commonwealth Paranormal. He is  certified via Ghost Chasers International and has filmed for A&E. He was named one of the Top 20 Paranormal Investigators in the World by Para-X Media network in 2009. And it 2012 he was voted as one of the Top 5 Male Investigators In the World. He's been featured on countless radio networks and newspapers. He's also been featured by the Haunted American Tours website and the American Profile Magazine.
NOTICE:   We are very limited as to our investigating due to work obligations. Typically we refer private cases to other teams. However we are available for advice or consultation at no cost.

Group Name:
: E.P.R.T.(Emergency Paranormal Response Team)
Location: Louisville, Kentucky Jefferson County,
Contact: Byron Dishman
Phone number: 502-235-5689


Group Name: Greenup County Paranormal Society
Location : South Shore / Greenup County / Kentucky
Contact Person: Angie Lowe
Phone Number: (606) 932-9903
Email address:
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
Other social media:
Year founded / Number of years spent investigating: Founded 2009 / Investigated: 30 years
Number of members: 15 
Areas served: Kentucky / Ohio
Specialties: Cleansing / Blessing / Saging / A lot of our members have gifts
Other details you wish to share: We are 100% FREE and do NOT believe in charging. We allow the clients to be with us during the investigation and we offer various things to help the spirits move on if the client wants that.


Group Name: Hopkins County Paranormal Society
Location: Dawson Springs/Hopkins County, Kentucky
Contact Person: Bill Payne
Phone Number: 270-871-4626 or 270-425-4115
Email Address:

Alternate Email Address:
Social Media:
Founded: 2007 
Other Information: Demonologist, do cleansings, blessings, I'm also ordained, do baptisms, deliverances and so forth


Group Name:
  iSeek Paranormal
Location : City / County / State -  London, laurel county, Kentucky
Contact Person:  David "Thor" Maier
Phone Number:  606-514-7553
Email address:
Year founded / Number of years spent investigating:
22 years experience
 Number of members: 2
Areas served:
southeastern and eastern Kentucky
communication and cleansing
also able to take haunted objects if they aren't wanted.


Group Name: Mysteria Paranormal 
Location:  Fayette County / Lexington/ Kentucky 
Contact:  Pete and Anne Landfield 
Phone: Private
Email address: 
Facebook: mysteriaparanormal
Instagram- Mysteria_paranormal
Other info: Investigating as a husband and wife team since 2017, joined a larger group and left.  Now just us two again.  We use old and new methods (dowsing, seances, ouija) and tech -  All the typical devices you’re familiar with but also an IR static camera system (8 cams).   Our investigative style is low-key, observant, and respectful of any spirits that may be present.   


Group Name:
 Contact Person: Thomas Schnell 
Phone: 270-564-5449 cell
Email address:
Year Founded: Started 2017 (my wife and I)

Area served: 50 mile radius of Paducah, KY. 

Other Info: We do not use any form of provocation and are respectful during
investigations, yet have fun. Communicate with possible spirits as if
they were still alive with dignity. We NEVER promise to remove a
spirit from your property!  After discussing your wishes, we will respect your
privacy/property and will not provide any findings without your
approval.  We are both retired and in our 70's have investigated many locations across the states for over 12 years and with groups from St. Louis.. 


Group Name:  Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky or PINK

Location : Florence/ Boone / KY

Email address:

Website: or

Facebook : P.I.N.K. Paranormal

Twitter: @PINKParanormal

Other social media : Youtube: PINK Paranormal

Year founded 2005/ Number of years spent investigating: 15

Number of members: 16

Areas served: N. KY, SW Ohio, SE Indiana



Name: Tracy Garnett, Christian Demonologist/Lay Investigator
Location: Ludlow/Kenton/Kentucky
Phone: (859) 240-4301

Email Address:

Number of Members: 4

 Founded: Investigating since 2005 / -Founded in 2015

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